This page shows FAQs post to the BBS and sent by email to the Webmaster, and their answers.

Q. I can't access to (or download from) Marubaku Super Replay.
A. Don't you use the download management softwares? Or did you use it before?

We do not apply to the power downloads and retries by download management softwares due to the stress
it puts to the network bandwidth and to the server itself. If we could trace the usage of the software,
we shut down the access immediately and for good.
We may also shut down the access to multiple downloads from the browser.

In case you never used the software yet you cannot have an access, maybe someone in your area using
the same ISP violated this rule before. In this case however, there is nothing we can do.
The shut down will never be lifted without the apology from the violating person. You need to change
the ISP you use, or ask your friends using different ISPs to download.

We do not answer to the questions asking which host server in which area is subject to shutdown;
basically we only notify when we shut down the access to an area as a whole. Currently, Access to
Super Replay from China Mainland (except Hong Kong and Taiwan) has been totally banned due to its
enormous number of download management software users and huge number of server attacks.

When your access is denied due to Error 403, it is basically because of this case; your ISP is
subject to the access shutdown. Please be reminded that we do not give individual answer to these
"I cannot access" type questions.

Q. What's the "Gear-Gacha" technique in Wangan Midnight MAXIMUM TUNE?
A. It is an unreal acceleration technique using shift gear.

When shifting gears while going flat-out, you usually over-rev the engine in the actual car and
acceleration and movement of the car are not what you intend. Since this actual move would not
give the player appropriate feeling during the play, the game internally holds the previous shift
position for one second, then change to the status where it has been accelerated at the top gear
for a second. The Gear-Gacha technique is a side-effects from this game-like adjustment.

The Gear-Gacha operation is that, while driving in the speed range for the top gear (say 5th),
you shift one gear below (to the 4th) for a moment, and then shift right up to the top gear (5th).
You will repeat this technique to keep gaining better acceleration for one second when you shift up
again to the top gear.

(The below investigation is based on 5-shift R32 GT-R as a model case)

It has been observed that there is a limit to accelerate even with Gear-Gacha operation due to
horsepower limit setting. During the investigation, R32 GT-R with 600 HP setting cannot accelerate
better over 293km/h, but with 800 HP setting it could gain a better acceleration around 320km/h range.
Hence it is assumed that the effect will not take place in the over-revving speed range, and it would
be no use doing Gear-Gacha over that speed.

Manoeuvring Example of Gear-Gacha (5-shift gear)

Start - 1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th - 5th - (Start Gear-Gacha) - 4th (hyper-acceleration) - 5th - 4th (hyper-acceleration)
- 5th - 4th (hyper-acceleration) ...
(continue until getting to the rev-limit speed in 4th gear)

Also it has been confirmed that the result of this "hyper-acceleration" can be achieved by doing
"Bottom-Gacha", i.e. shifting from one gear below the top gear to the top, and shifting back.
The result of one application of this technique seems greater than doing normal Gear-Gacha one time.
However, a visible hyper-acceleration can be seen only over certain speed. "Certain speed" is not
yet clearly grasped, but it is assumed to be around 250km/h on the flat course, and maybe empirically
over 230km/h on uphill and downhill. It should be noted that this technique has no effect in the speed
range where the gear shift should be in the top. The normal Gear-Gacha should be applied in this case.

Manoeuvring Example of Bottom-Gacha (5-shift gear)

Start - 1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th - (Start Bottom-Gacha when reaching over 250km/h) - 5th - 4th (hyper-acceleration)
- 5th - 4th (hyper-aceleration) ...
(continue until getting to the 5th gear shift range speed)

Gear-Gacha technique was not effective in acceleration in the speed range of one gear shift below.
(ex. 3rd - 4th - 3rd or 4th - 3rd - 4th)
There is no merit applying this technique, since lower gears originally have better acceleration performance.

Whether doing Gear-Gacha or Bottom-Gacha, the most successful shifting rate is once per second.
If faster, the gear enters neutral; if slower, the technique cannot generate effective acceleration.

To investigate this technique, we had kind cooperation of two game operators by doing verification
with four maxi-cabinets (two at each operator), without any trouble or malfunctioning in these cabinets.
However, there was a case where Gear-Gacha was successful in one cabinet, but it was not in the other
due to the above neutralisation. This cabinet in failure was not much used since operation start and
gear itself was almost brand-new, whereas the successful cabinet was "used" one after days and days
of operation.
This leads to the assumption that this technique requires "used" cabinets to some extent. Maybe cabinets
in failure have too little wear in internal gear parts and the shift gear reacts too sensitively.

This technique is applicable in the first series of "Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune" and not applicable
after Ver.2. Doing technique generates big noises more than necessary and may destroy the gear unit
in the cabinet by misapplication.Gear-Gacha manoeuvre is at your own risk and responsibility.
Do not apply this technique if it gives trouble to other players, or if the game operator asks you not to.

Neither NAMCO nor TEAM MARUBAKU takes any responsibility whatsoever on any accident or trouble caused
by this technique.

Q. Please tell me about...
A. Please go through the past logs in the BBS first.

Most of the "please tell me about xxx"-type questions are answered in the past BBS logs.
When you ask questions, please do so after you check all the past logs.
You will get nothing but reproach if you simply log in saying "please tell me this" or "hi, I'd like to know this".
Please also be reminded that all of your questions cannot always be answered.
Simply say "thank you" if you get your answer in our BBS.

Q. I'm not that rich and I can't play that much. Isn't there a way to quickly become a super player?
A. There is no shortcut for your improving, although there is some individual difference.

We are always puzzled at these kind of questions from all over the world. Even we are not very rich,
we just spend money for our improvement, where we could have used for other purposes.
Even though there is some differences amongst players regarding quick-learning, likes or dislikes
with the game, we think that it is always the number of times you play that counts.
Of course, you cannot just play, you need to try, observe or investigate to improve. Sometimes you need
to watch others play well. There are many times that you find something important from the players who
play worse than you. Some techniques to one game were even found when the player found them effective
in playing other games. You can sometimes have some hints from games other than driving.

So, You need a broader perspective for your improvement.

It can also be said that our improvement and techniques do not owe only to individual skills.
Even though the results appear to one individual, the level of our Team improves by sharing information
and data amongst members and also by members supporting a member nearing to the top level.

There are many, many factors for your improvement, but you need to step out with your will.
Take it easy but work hard.

We always have one saying in our mind, which was given by our "Captain" MBK-GIL;

"Always bring ten new techniques everyday before going to the game arcade,
and you will find one good technique one day."

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